Introduction to the basic ideas of Christianity

For years, the role of identity for college students has been noted as an important aspect of higher education experience and efforts.  As such, the primary goal of the course is to bring to the fore the importance of identity issues for students by providing opportunities for a serious interdisciplinary look at the current concerns and problems related to the topic and questions noted below.  For examples, we want to ask the following questions:  “How do we form our identity?” “Where does the information our identities are built with come from?” “Is our identity singular or multidimensional?” “How does our identity impact our family life, health, school work, and job?”  “What roles media and technologies play in identity formation, and what are their explicit and implicit influences in our lives?”  To seek answers to these questions, this course will examine contemporary perspectives on self and collective identity, and related issues, and various wa
 ys in which media (both mass and social media) and digital technologies, by influencing our minds, thoughts and beliefs, shape our individual and group identity, while impacting our learning and sense of well-being and happiness. The course will be team-taught by two fulltime ICU faculty members representing different disciplines including media/technology, education, and psychology.